Founders House – The Heart of the School

We cater for boys and girls from Grade 8-12 and there are approximately 80 learners in total in boarding.

The day-to-day needs of the boarders are taken care of by dedicated and caring staff. Transport to extra-curricular activities, doctors, dentists, etc. is supplied. Boarders attend local churches on Sunday mornings. We support the values of integrity, honesty, good manners and love for our fellow men and God.

The hostel is more than just temporary accommodation, it’s a place where friends become family.

A second home where you can socialise and become independent.

My second, happy home. I love being a boarder at Voortrekker.

History of Founders House formally known as Huis Jan Stander

The first Voortrekker boys’ Hostel was opened in 1934 on Mayors Walk and the first head boy was D. van der Merwe. In 1986 Huis Jan Stander was opened by Oom Jan Stander and the head boy was R. Pretorious. In 1991 it was decided that only one hostel was needed for both girls and boys and the first head girl was Ursula Weideman.

The first superintendant of HJS was Mr. D.P. van Rensburg, followed by Mr. Jan Nel(Wors), after him followed Mr. N. Loubser, Mrs A Snyders, Mrs S Jansen van Vuuren, Mr D Younie and Mr F Wessels. Your current superintendant is Mrs. A Oosthuizen.

Boarding Staff

Hostel Superintendent: Mr Cheslyn Klein

Staff on boys’ side:

Mr Klein

Mr S Jacobs

Mr Olivier

Mr S Mkhize



 Staff on girls’ side:

Ms M Klein

Ms N Cele

Ms M Wilken

Ms A Gouws

Founders House Kitchen Staff

In partnership with: