The learners at Voortrekker High School are offered a wide range of cultural activities to encourage self-expression, enhance their self-confidence, explore their creativity and develop their talents.

We are fortunate to have staff members who run these activities with passion and dedicate many extra hours in the pursuit of excellence in their respective fields of expertise.

We have a comprehensive variety of cultural activities at Voortrekker High School:

Public Speaking and Olympiads

We promote Afrikaans as a Home and First Additional Language with individual and team-based (un)prepared speeches and debating (ATKV Public Speaking and Debating) as well as challenging, but fun, exams on national level (ATKV Senior and Junior Olympiads) for all grades. Come and join our activities and just explore the Afrikaans language!

English Debating

The Vories have been participating in the Pietermaritzburg Debating League for a number of years.  The league supports private and public schools in the city. The teams have been enthusiastic and will continue to gain valuable skills, which will enable them to perform better in all spheres of school life.


This is an Afrikaans/English bilingual exam written on a national level. It follows the pattern of final school exams. It is an experience that will stand you in good stead after school. You will receive a certificate to confirm your standard of bilingualism. It is tough, but definitely worth writing!


Voortrekker’s choirs consisting of; School Choir, Chamber Choir, Youth Choir, Gospel Choir, Girls’ and Boys’ Ensemble and 7 Harmonies, cover a wide genre of music, ranging from traditional to pop and with each song they make the audience’s hearts dance. We have a tradition at Voortrekker of hosting an annual bridge concert. We use the unique architecture of our school building to our advantage and as a venue for the concert. The acoustics on the bridge allow the voices of our choristers to echo not only through our school, but also across our campus.

The President’s Award

The President’s Award is an internationally recognised social qualification. The aim of this award is to empower young people by providing a balanced, non-competitive framework for self-development. There are three levels and each also includes an adventurous journey, be this a hike, a canoeing expedition or even a horse-back adventure! Your activities that you already participate in at school, will make up the bulk of your award.

Basic Electrical Club

We teach the learners the basics of electricity, basic house wiring, light connections and plugs, and show them the working of a KW per hour meter, as well as the difference between 3-phase and single phase electrical power.


We are a Christian group, embracing all Christian denominations. We go on many adventures throughout the year that includes camps and walks to World’s View. We have worked together with Scripture Union in the past and we are grateful and blessed for the opportunities for spiritual growth this group creates for our learners at school.

World Scholars' Club

The WSC is a world-renowned competition, which sees the coming together of scholars from all over the world to participate in events such as debating, creative writing, subject specific and general knowledge quizzes.  Our teams have been awarded numerous accolades over the past 3 years of participating in the competition.

Shakespeare Festival

The Shakespeare Schools Festival is an annual theatre festival. Festivals are held throughout the country. The cast has the opportunity to perform a Shakespeare play in a 30-minute time limit. In KZN, learners perform on a professional stage at the Playhouse Theatre in Durban.

Drama and Theatre

The drama department at Voortrekker is a newly founded department operating under the title The Workshop. The aim is to engage learners’ minds and bodies creatively and to allow them the opportunity to express themselves through their art. The Workshop’s first play “Koolkoppe” premiered in March 2020.

Pom Poms

The Pom Poms consists of a group of senior girls in Grades 10 to 12. The girls perform before the 1st team rugby plays their games. We work hard to prepare and spend hours together, and so become “family”. Being part of this group are the girls’ pride and joy.


Growing from a need to also serve our own community, Voortrekker has partnered up with Thembi’s Crèche. Once a week a school bus full of learners spend an hour at the crèche. Together we mould clay, build puzzles, make arts and crafts and have fun!


Funk is an interschools’ dance programme with the aim of uniting schools in working towards a common goal and giving students the opportunity to create and rehearse physical theatre/ dance theatre pieces for public performance.  Funk not only promotes team building, creativity and confidence, but also hones an appreciation for the arts.

 Schools in Pietermaritzburg participate in this week-long performance at The University of KwaZulu Natal’s Hexagon Theatre.

At Voortrekker High School, learners can choose to participate in dance during activity lessons where they are taught various skills ranging from self-confidence to the workshop process of creating a final dance piece. A group of learners is chosen to represent the school at the annual Funk production. Not to fret if you are not chosen this year, there are many other opportunities for you to showcase your dance skills, including Mr and Miss Vorie.

First Aid

Learning the skills required to help someone with a medical emergency comes in handy more often than one would think. Getting time to practice those skills at different events at school, with trained professionals, makes this activity not only fun, but also great for extra credit scores when applying to tertiary institutions.

Land Service

Land Service is the all-round hands on group in school. Our roots come from our four pillars, love for the Creator, love for our fellow man, love for the environment and love for labour.

So, what do we do? We garden and remove alien invaders, clean up the Dorpspruit and plant indigenous trees and shrubs.

We visit old age homes and lighten the long days of the residents, bake biscuits for them and simply sit and listen to their stories. Animals are a passion of ours and we visit animal shelters and make contributions by doing food drives at school. During holidays, we camp with like-minded members from across the country where we do leadership courses and build friendships. You can obtain a range of awards and every activity that you initiate or participate in will contribute to your points. The ultimate is the Springbok award, which is a national award and some of the local universities award bursaries to learners who obtain this award.